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Billy the whippet had an idyllic

lifestyle which most dogs would envy.


Until one day a minor accident on the beach turned out to be something far more serious. 


This beautifully illustrated book tells the true and heart-warming story of how Billy and his owner Chris embarked on a journey of mind, body and soul in a battle against a devastating and life-threatening illness to animal recovery.


The book is a beautiful story and the illustrations are gorgeous. Such an inspiring and moving tale that anyone who loves their dogs will enjoy. Restores your faith in the kindness of humans.


Neospora Caninum in Dogs

Diagnosis, treatment, prevention

Neospora caninum is a deadly worldwide microscopic parasite. It attacks an animal’s brain, spinal cord, slowly shutting down their body.

Mostly living in infected cattle Neospora can survive in the environment for  6 months being passed on through faeces, water, food, or soil.
This is important to note for pet owners that feed their pets raw diets or visit farm land.

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